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Where is Jschlatt from?


Ever since a little-known video-sharing website named YouTube came onto the scene, it’s safe to say that internet audiences have somewhat altered the way in which they browse the web.

YouTube started as a site for people to upload grainy, low-res, poor-quality videos filmed on phones and cameras that would, by today’s standards, be considered relics.

Despite the low-quality images and videos, however, YouTube started to become more popular, and more people began joining up.

As technology advanced, phones and cameras became more powerful, and images and resolutions became much clearer.

This made for a more enjoyable viewing experience from the perspective of the viewers.

Needless to say, as more people joined up, YouTube started to become monetized and proved to be a very powerful tool for marketing and advertising.

As more and more people signed up for YouTube, the potential to make big bucks started to grow, and more and more YouTubers tried their luck.

Most would be lucky to gain a few hundred subscribers, but a select few managed to break through and become hugely popular.

JSChlatt is a prime example of this.

But who is Jschlatt, which sites did he prove especially popular on, and where is Jschlatt from? Keep reading for the answer.

Who is Jschlatt?

Before we can start learning more about the personal life of the legend that is Jschlatt, we need to learn about who he is and what he does.

Jschlatt, or Schlatt for short, is a hugely popular social media influencer, Twitch streamer, and YouTuber who is perhaps best known for his reaction videos on YouTube, coupled with his dry sense of humor and his down-to-earth persona.

Jschlatt, or Johnathan Schlatt, as is his full name, was born on September 10th, 1999, and is not only a famous North American YouTuber, streamer, and influencer, but he is also a very popular podcaster as well.

Johnathan has been popular online for many years now, though he really rose to fame in around 2018, when he released a video on YouTube entitled ‘Elon. R u okay?’ which was aimed at the formerly richest man in the world, Elon Musk, who is now the current owner of Twitter.

The video went viral, and he quickly amassed thousands upon thousands of subscribers. This number grew to hundreds of thousands, and so on.

Before the Elon Musk “diss,” he mainly streamed Minecraft videos and had a very impressive following.

Johnathan on YouTube

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In the early days of his channel, Schlatt would stream videos of his games of Minecraft, and the content proved very popular.

As time went by, however, he began branching out and started uploading new content and new types of video, including reaction videos. These really took off for him.

As of the present moment in time, Schlatt has just under 1.20 million subscribers on YouTube, though his jschlattLIVE page has 4 million subscribers. This is on YouTube alone, let alone the other social media pages that he is well known for.

Schlatt uploads all kinds of videos ranging from gaming content and reaction videos to memes and even the occasional Q&A.

Just to give you a rough idea about the kind of content that Johnathan uploads, he’ll post videos of him reacting to TikTok videos of ‘cursed cooking.’

Cursed cooking videos are basically videos featuring people cooking the most gruesome, grotesque, and vile foods and drinks you can imagine.

Sometimes people post the videos just to get attention online, yet in other instances, the cooking vids are genuine and genuinely feature people making the most vile foods you can ever imagine.

It was, however, his Elon Musk videos that really got the attention of fans online, and, indeed, started making big bucks for him.

Elon r u ok?

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As mentioned, Johnathan is famous for many things online, but he owes a great deal of thanks to his Elon Musk videos on YouTube.

The first video was basically a 26-second clip highlighting some of the most bizarre behavior exhibited by the billionaire owner of Tesla and Twitter. The clip has close to 30 million views on YouTube, which is an insane amount of views and will be worth a huge amount of money for Schlatt.

The clips basically begin with Johnathan narrating, talking about how Elon Musk decided to build a tunnel under the city because he was tired of traffic. After that, he started to sell hats, talking about the tunnel, before he then started selling flamethrowers. Yes, really.

He sold 20K of those, and days later, he would tie his infamous red Tesla car to a rocket and send it into space before the rocket would land itself. The comment section was full of people talking about how crazy Musk was.

He would release elon r u ok 2 a year later, which also gained millions of views but was never quite as popular. In any event, a 26-second clip talking about the unhinged actions of an eclectic billionaire is all it took to change the young YouTuber’s life.

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So, where is Jschlatt from?

Okay, so now that we know more about the popular YouTuber and what helped get him to where he’s at today, we’ll finish off by looking at where Jschlatt is from. Jschlatt is from America, or, to be more specific, New York City. If you listen to him talk, you can detect a thick Brooklyn accent in the young man, which is not surprising considering that that is where he was born and raised.


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