Unveiling the Ultimate Brunch Experience in London's West End (2023)

Embark on a culinary journey through the vibrant streets of London's West End, where breakfast and brunch become an art form. Our curated guide, crafted with the expertise of renowned food connoisseur Clerkenwell Boy, takes you to the finest establishments that redefine the brunch experience.

Avobar: A Haven for Avocado Enthusiasts

Step into the world of Avobar, a gastronomic haven for avocado lovers. With over 13 million Instagram posts dedicated to the #Avocado trend, Avobar stands out with its vegetarian and vegan-friendly menu. Indulge in the classic avo on toast with a perfectly fried egg or explore the brunch menu featuring exquisite poke bowls and the Instagram-famous Avo Bun Burger.

Highlight Dish: Avo Bun Burger – a visual and culinary masterpiece.

Ivy Market Grill: Classic British Elegance

The Ivy Market Grill, a sibling to the iconic The Ivy, exudes classic British elegance. Dive into the rich flavors of The Ivy Full English, a symphony of smoked streaky bacon, Cumberland herbed sausages, fried hen’s eggs, potato rösti, black pudding, roast plum tomatoes, grilled flat mushrooms, and baked beans. For those with a sweet tooth, the Hot Buttermilk Pancakes are a must-try.

Must-Try Dish: The Ivy Full English – a culinary masterpiece with a touch of art deco vibes.

Buns and Buns: Where Innovation Meets Tradition

Buns & Buns in Covent Garden is a breakfast haven that seamlessly blends innovation with tradition. Savor crispy fried eggs on toasted sourdough with mushrooms and truffles or opt for the three-cheese omelette and classic eggs benedict. The fluffy white bao buns, featuring delightful fillings like shiitake mushroom and bourbon pork belly, elevate the brunch experience.

Signature Delight: Towering Bao Buns – a feast for the senses.

Chez Antoinette: French Flair in Covent Garden

Chez Antoinette brings a touch of French flair to Covent Garden's heart. Indulge in the brioche French toast and the signature Croque Madame, a delightful ensemble of ham, cheese, confit onion, and a perfectly poached egg on toasted sourdough. The baked avocado and eggs on toast with smoked salmon and hollandaise showcase the culinary finesse of Chez Antoinette.

Recommended Dish: Croque Madame – a symphony of French flavors.

Lilly’s Café: A Hidden Gem in Henrietta Street

Nestled in the terracotta-hued conservatory of 3 Henrietta Street, Lilly’s Café is a hidden gem for brunch enthusiasts. Signature dishes like Sticky Toffee Banana Toast and Bacon Brioche Bun showcase the café's commitment to unique flavors. Enjoy alfresco dining on the sun terrace overlooking the iconic Covent Garden Market Building.

Hidden Delight: Spiced Baked Eggs – a delightful twist on a classic.

Ladurée: Elegance and Extravagance Combined

Ladurée, synonymous with elegance, offers a brunch experience that transcends ordinary. The weekend brunch, priced at £38.50, includes a silver stand filled with croissants, jams, and macarons, accompanied by scrambled eggs on brioche toast served with avocado, smoked salmon, or turkey pastrami. The stunning terrace adds an extra touch of extravagance to the culinary journey.

Opulent Indulgence: Ladurée’s Weekend Brunch – a feast for the discerning palate.

RedFarm: Playful Chinese Cuisine in Covent Garden

RedFarm, the award-winning New York restaurant, introduces playful contemporary Chinese cuisine to Covent Garden. Sundays at RedFarm bring the legendary Sunday Brunch, featuring eight signature dishes and unlimited champagne. From Prawn & Black Cod Skewers to the Instagram-famous Pac Man Shrimp Dumplings, RedFarm promises a brunch experience like no other.

Sunday Extravaganza: RedFarm's Sunday Brunch – a playful feast for the senses.

ABUELO: Australian-South-American Fusion

ABUELO, a fusion of Australian and South American flavors, offers a coffee house experience like no other. Brunch all day with poached eggs, labneh, avocado salsa, and paprika dulce or indulge in honey whipped mascarpone with figs and crushed pistachios on toast. The warm and friendly atmosphere, coupled with a variety of single-origin specialty coffees, makes ABUELO a brunch destination to remember.

Must-Experience: Honey Whipped Mascarpone with Figs – a sensory delight.

Balthazar: French-Styled Brunch with a New York Twist

Balthazar, bringing a slice of downtown New York to London, captivates brunch enthusiasts with its French-styled Covent Garden brasserie. Le Petit Dejeuner, Petit Brunch, and the weekend Brunch menu offer a diverse range of options. From New York-style pancakes to Balthazar's twist on brunch classics like Scrambled Eggs and Cornish Crab, each dish is a testament to the culinary mastery at Balthazar.

Signature Dish: Scrambled Eggs and Cornish Crab – a fusion of flavors.


In the heart of London's West End, these brunch destinations redefine the culinary landscape. From the elegance of Ladurée to the innovative delights at RedFarm, each venue offers a unique and unforgettable brunch experience. Embark on a gastronomic adventure and elevate your brunch expectations in the enchanting surroundings of Covent Garden.

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