Unraveling the Ultimate Brunch Experience in Vienna (2023)

Zweitbester: Where Art Meets Culinary Mastery

Nestled in Heumühlgasse 2, 1040 Wien, Zweitbester stands as a haven for weekend enthusiasts seeking a blend of casual charm and artistic ambiance. The monthly transformation into an art gallery adds a touch of minimalistic sophistication. The open show kitchen captivates, and the ever-cheerful staff enhances the overall experience.

Culinary Delights at Zweitbester's Brunch

The buffet at Zweitbester offers a tantalizing array of options, from fresh juices to handcrafted spreads and an assortment of cheeses, ham, and specialty dishes. For a mere €14.90, patrons can indulge in a delectable spread on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 10:00 to 14:00. It's a gastronomic journey encompassing both sweet and savory, seasonal and regional delights.

Hotel Intercontinental Wien: Sunday Elegance with Champagne

Located at Johannesgasse 28, 1030 Wien, the Hotel Intercontinental beckons brunch enthusiasts every Sunday from 12:00 to 15:00 for a legendary Champagne Brunch. The Salon Vier Jahreszeiten boasts opulent buffets featuring a weekly-changing menu, including a vast selection of appetizers, soups, traditional Viennese and international dishes, and an extensive dessert buffet. Unlimited champagne, non-alcoholic beverages, and coffee, coupled with live piano melodies, create an unparalleled brunch experience.

A Glimpse into the Extravagant Menu

The menu exemplifies culinary artistry, with offerings like Filet vom Strohschwein "Colbert," Kräuter-Tomatentartelettes, and Gegrillter Balsamicotofu. The diverse selection caters to every palate, making this Champagne Brunch a true gastronomic delight. Prices hover around €70, inclusive of beverages, with complimentary parking during brunch and special rates on festive occasions.

Pierre Cafe Bistro Patisserie: A French Culinary Retreat

Nestled in Windmühlgasse 32, 1060 Wien, Pierre Cafe Bistro Patisserie provides a perfect respite during a shopping spree or before/after a visit to the House of the Sea. This original French café invites brunch enthusiasts every Saturday and Sunday.

Mediterranean Buffet Extravaganza

Contrary to expectations, Pierre Cafe's brunch extends beyond traditional French offerings. The spread includes delights such as Quiche lorraine, Crêpes with chocolate sauce, and diverse salads, making it a versatile choice. Priced around €14, beverages not included, Pierre Cafe also doubles as a shop where patrons can purchase imported French spices, jams, chocolates, and beverages.

Weltcafe: Fair Trade and Organic Brunch Delights

Situated at Schwarzspanierstrasse 15, 1090 Wien, Weltcafe sets itself apart by offering brunch every Saturday and Sunday. As a non-smoking establishment, it aligns with fair trade principles and organic farming practices.

A Global Culinary Ethos

Weltcafe sources products through fair trade, supporting artisans from Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The brunch buffet caters to early risers and adheres to the principles of fair trade and organic agriculture.

Conclusion: A Brunch Odyssey in Vienna

In Vienna, brunch isn't just a meal; it's an experience. Zweitbester, Hotel Intercontinental Wien, Pierre Cafe Bistro Patisserie, and Weltcafe redefine brunch, each offering a unique blend of ambiance, culinary expertise, and cultural ethos. Whether you crave artistic minimalism, opulent elegance, French authenticity, or global responsibility, Vienna's brunch scene has it all. Embrace the gastronomic odyssey these establishments offer, and elevate your brunch experience in the heart of Austria.

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