Shannon Storms Beador Reveals the Stunning Results of Her Recent Facelift | Bravo TV Official Site (2023)

On the April 13 episode ofWatch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,Heather Dubrowand the titular host teased a bit of OC plastic surgery news."You know, someone revealed something at the reunion and I had no idea," Heather said of one castmate's recent cosmetic tweaks.Andy agreed: "I didn't either."

In Part 2 of The Real Housewives of Orange CountySeason 16reunion, which aired on April 27, it was finally disclosed who went under the knife after filming ended for the season."I had a facelift five weeks ago,"Shannon Storms Beador said. Though Dr. Jen Armstrong, who is in the cosmetic field herself, said she "can tell," the rest of the cast members seemed surprised by Shannon's news. Shannon continued to say that, after the procedure,"The surgeon called [my boyfriend] John [Janssen] and said, 'I've never cut more skin out of a neck in my entire career than I have with Shannon's.'"

Shannon Storms Beador Reveals the Stunning Results of Her Recent Facelift | Bravo TV Official Site (1)

This isn't the first time Shannon has had a lifting treatment done on her face.During Season 14,she underwent a procedurethat mimicked a facelift but was noninvasive. At the time, herplastic surgeon, Dr. Brian Reagan,spoke with about what he called a "scalpel-less facelift."

"Skin tightening without plastic surgery is the holy grail," Dr. Reagan explained. "Shannon said to me, 'No scalpel, and I'm not going to sleep.'"

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