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JSchlatt is a popular YouTuber whose videos about Minecraft are among the most watched on the site. JSchlatt’s net worth is estimated to be $8 million and has been growing steadily as he uploads new content to his channel.

Overview of JSchlatt’s net worth

JSchlatt’s net worth is $8 million. JSchlatt has earned this impressive sum of money from his YouTube channel, which he launched in 2015 and which has over 5 million subscribers. He also owns a music label called JSchlatts Music and Self Made apparel line.

Besides his YouTube channel and other business ventures, he makes money through sponsored content on YouTube and brand partnerships with companies like Samsung Mobile USA and Amazon Prime Video.

JSchlatt's Net Worth: A Look at the YouTuber's Earnings and Assets - Speaky Magazine (2)

JSchlatt’s Earnings

JSchlatt has amassed a large following on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Patreon.

  • JSchlatt has over 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He uses this platform to stream games such as Fortnite and Minecraft with other famous YouTubers like SkyDoesMinecraft and TheSw1tcher. His streams have been viewed over 15 million times across all platforms since he started in 2014.
  • JSchlatt also has an active Twitch account where he streams games such as League of Legends and PUBG alongside other YouTubers like WoWCrendor,who plays Overwatch professionally for Team Liquid eSports Club. The channel has over 80,000 followers as well as many videos with more than 1 million views each highlights include one discussing the best weapons in Fortnite Battle Royale (which was viewed more than 7 million times) and another titled “How to Stream on Twitch” which was watched by over 2 million people!

JSchlatt’s Assets

JSchlatt’s net worth is impressive, but he doesn’t spend it all in one place.

While you might think that JSchlatt would be living in a mansion or a fancy apartment complex with his earnings, the YouTuber owns a house located in Los Angeles. His home is estimated at $1 million USD and has 3 bedrooms with three bathrooms.

JSchlatt also owns a car: A black Mercedes Benz ML350. It’s worth about $50K on its own, but if you want to upgrade to the AMG version, then it’ll cost around $110K! With that kind of money burning inside your pockets (or not), maybe you’d also like to buy JSchlatt’s dog? The puppy goes for $3K – $4K, depending on how cute they are when they’re sold off by their owner(s). If none of those options sound like something you’d be interested in getting your hands on, then perhaps some exotic pets will do instead like snakes! Yes, folks, JSchlaft may have retired from YouTube temporarily, but there’s still plenty of time left before he comes back full-time, so why not spend some quality bonding time with these cute little critters while they’re still available?

The popularity of Minecraft content

As an avid YouTube creator, JSchlatt is no stranger to the popularity of Minecraft content. He got involved in the game around 2011 and began making videos on his channel in early 2013. The game’s popularity exploded, with millions of people playing on various platforms (Xbox 360, PS3, and PS4 consoles; iOS devices; Android devices). In addition to downloads via digital distribution services like Steam, Minecraft has been sold physically as a retail product since late 2014. Since then, it’s become one of the best-selling video games ever made, with more than 144 million copies sold as of January 2019.

In addition to its widespread appeal among gamers everywhere. Minecraft is also very popular among YouTubers who create videos focused on building structures or playing survival modes within their worlds. YouTubers such as SkyDoesMinecraft have millions of subscribers who tune in regularly for new episodes showing what they did over their last few days off work. Others like iHasCupquake play games like Fortnite instead but still attract huge audiences due to her charm and personality (as well as her friendship with other famous gaming personalities).

Other sources of income

In addition to his primary Twitch channel, JSchlatt has a second channel dedicated to YouTube. This secondary channel has over 2.8 million subscribers, giving it a much higher total subscriber count than the main Twitch channel, with just over 1 million followers.

JSchlatt also holds a popular Twitch stream on his website, where he plays games and interacts with fans directly in real time via webcam and microphone. He has been doing this since 2013, but he’s only streamed sporadically throughout that period due to other obligations like making YouTube videos or traveling for events like E3 or PAX West.


As you can see, JSchlatt has a good amount of money. He’s also got a lot going on outside of YouTube that may be helping him out. Whether it’s his real estate investments or he’s involved in other businesses, there are plenty of ways for him to make extra cash. It seems JSchlatt doesn’t need to worry too much about money right now!

JSchlatt's Net Worth: A Look at the YouTuber's Earnings and Assets - Speaky Magazine (2024)
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