Jschlatt Net Worth (2023) – Real Earning Revealed (2024)

As of 2023 estimates, Jschlatt’s net worth is approximately $8 million. Jschlatt, also known as Schlatt, is a renowned American YouTuber and Twitch streamer who has gained immense recognition over the years. Based in the United States, he creates content primarily focused on games such as Minecraft, Cities: Skylines, and various Wii games.

Jschlatt’s rise to prominence can be attributed to his involvement as a member of the now-defunct SMPLive, a Minecraft server exclusively for streamers, which was initiated by CallMeCarson. Through this platform, he showcased his skills and established himself as one of the best in the field.

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Jschlatt Net Worth

Jschlatt real nameJohnathan Schlatt
Jschlatt Net Worth$8million
Birthday10 September 1999
BirthplaceUnited States
Jschlatt age23 years
Jschlatt height6ft 2 in
OccupationYouTuber, Gamer, Podcaster, Comedy Video CreatorTwitch streamer

schlatt’s Earnings, Salary, and Income

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Jschlatt’s monthly earnings indicate that he earns approximately $50,000, resulting in annual earnings of around $600,000.

People often wonder:

How much does Jschlatt earn? Jschlatt earns $7,050 USD per month from Twitch, not including additional revenue from tiered subscriptions, tips, sponsorships, Twitch cheer bit contributions, and advertisem*nts, among other sources.

How does Jschlatt make money?

Jschlatt generates income from various sources, including being a YouTuber, streamer, and businessman.

Earnings from YouTube

Jschlatt is associated with multiple social media platforms, such as Schlatt (Instagram), jschlatt (YouTube), jschlatt (Twitch), and Schlatt (Twitter). He has earned substantial figures from his presence on YouTube and Twitch.

YouTube channels monetized through ads generate revenue for every thousand video views. Monetized YouTube channels typically earn between $3 and $7 per thousand video views.

Earnings from Twitch Streaming

As a Twitch streamer, Jschlatt primarily earns income from subscriptions and ads. His monthly wages from Twitch subscribers alone amount to $13,000.

Earnings from Business

Jschlatt is a 50% owner of the business company, Schlatt & Co, which he co-owns with his business partner, ConnoEatsPants.

Schlatt & Co. sells products such as Schlattcoin and various merchandise. The Jschlatt & Co. t-shirt is priced at $24.99 in the market. Additionally, the business offers items such as the White House Misprint Hoodie for $35, the Presidential Crewneck for $45, and the Schlatt 2020 Poster for $20.

As a 50% owner of the company, Jschlatt has earned a substantial income from Schlatt & Co.

Lifestyle, Assets, and Expenditures

Jschlatt enjoys a lavish lifestyle and owns a luxurious house in the USA.

Car Collection

Jschlatt possesses a remarkable car collection, which includes high-end vehicles like a Mercedes Benz E Class and a Lamborghini Gallardo.

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Jschlatt girlfriend

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The details regarding theJschlatt relationshipdon’t reveal aboutJschlatt wifeas he doesn’t choose to prioritize dating over his gaming.


Jschlatt, an American YouTuber, gamer, podcaster, and comedy video creator, gained popularity as a member of the private Minecraft server SMPLive, dedicated to streaming. This well-known YouTube star predominantly uploads videos featuring games like Minecraft, Cities: Skylines, and Untitled Goose Game.

Early Life and Career

Born on September 10, 1999, in the USA, Johnathan Schlatt, widely known as Jschlatt, is a prominent gaming YouTuber and Twitch streamer. Throughout his career, he has faced numerous controversies and has been “canceled” multiple times due to his offensive remarks and actions, including the use of racial and hom*ophobic slurs, as well as mocking the Black Lives Matter movement. These incidents led to his removal from the Dream SMP and a backlash on Twitter.

Jschlatt pursued a computer science and cybersecurity major in college but dropped out in September 2019 to focus on his YouTube career. He previously worked at a delicatessen and played the cello as an orchestra member. With a net worth of $8 million, Jschlatt’s fame among the masses is evident.

The highly successful YouTuber Jschlatt previously resided in Brooklyn, New York City, but relocated to Austin, Texas, on February 13, 2021. Although he considered moving to Los Angeles, he ultimately chose Texas instead. In September 2021, Schlatt revealed that he was forced to move out of his house, as it was subsequently sold to someone else.

The wealthy and popular streamer and YouTuber, Jschlatt, announced his plans to return to Twitch after nearly two years of absence from the platform. He had teased his return several times in 2021 and is now following through with it.

Jschlatt, the famous YouTuber and Twitch streamer, has posted pictures on his official Instagram page posing with a gun.

Minecraft streamer Jonathan “Jschlatt” Schlatt recently made his return to streaming, particularly on Twitch. While he had been absent from streaming for the most part, he occasionally uploaded videos to his YouTube channel.

Jschlatt, the well-known YouTuber and Twitch streamer, currently resides in Montana, America.

Born and raised in Montana, USA, Jschlatt began his career as a gaming influencer. Today, this rich and famous personality is renowned for his political videos, Republican thoughts, and comedic vlogs. His immense fame, along with his net worth, has placed him among the top YouTubers in terms of wealth.

Jschlatt has become one of the most-watched social media influencers, particularly in the gaming realm. He mostly plays and streams Minecraft and has also participated in online competitions for the game. His fans appreciate his jokes and sense of humor.

Jschlatt, an American web star, is most famous as a YouTuber and Twitch streamer. He created his YouTube account in 2014 and has two channels: jschlatt and jschlattLIVE.

As a high-earning Twitch streamer, Jschlatt primarily focuses on Minecraft and streams his gameplay, garnering over 400K followers on Twitch. He is also a member of SMPLive and is well-known for his gaming and commentary content.

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Channel History

Schlatt established his YouTube channel in 2013, with his first upload, “Good Boy Eats Food,” on June 5, 2014. Initially, he focused on uploading MLG and meme-related content.

On May 6, 2018, he released a video titled “A Tribute to Minecraft,” which diverged from his usual comedic style and instead aimed to evoke emotions related to the game.

March 19, 2019, marked the last video upload on Jschlatt’s main channel, as he shifted his focus to streaming and creating content on JschlattLIVE.

More recently, he resumed streaming and organized the largest MCYT stan Purge on his stream, targeting Twitch accounts with keywords such as “Karl Jacobs,” “NotFound,” “WasTaken,” “Innit,” and others.

Schlatt also delved into creating “video essay” style content, covering various topics ranging from the Garfield Gender War to the expanses of space and mechanical keyboards.

The earlier content on Schlatt’s main channel consisted of montage parodies, typically around 30 seconds in length. Examples include “Elon r u ok” and a series of MLG-themed videos.

Answering questions from his inbox allowed him to provide advice and share personal anecdotes related to the questions. As a result, Jschlatt’s net worth has steadily increased as he dedicated significant effort to building his YouTube career.

He frequently conducted “tier list” streams, where he reviewed and ranked multiple pieces of content, such as his fans’ Minecraft bases, Minecraft parody songs, Minecraft music discs, cereals, and more.

Regarding SMPLive content, Schlatt often collaborated with others on the server, such as ConnorEatsPants, engaging in scams to obtain their hard-earned money in exchange for his cryptocurrency, Schlattcoin.

Outside of SMPLive, Jschlatt participated in Minecraft Mondays, a weekly event involving both Minecraft and non-Minecraft YouTubers and Twitch streamers. He won the tournament once with the help of Technoblade. Additionally, he collaborated with other SMPLive YouTubers, including Wilbur Soot. Jschlatt is also a member of the Dream SMP, alongside other popular Twitch streamers and YouTubers.

On the jschlattLIVE channel, Schlatt created videos featuring various Wii games, such as Wii Sports Resort and Cooking Mama. As a result, Jschlatt’s net worth has increased, solidifying his position as a competitive streamer.

He has also played Jackbox games with friends, participating in minigames such as Champ’d Up, Mad Verse City, Patently Stupid, and Talking Points. During Champ’d Up, Schlatt and his friends created parodies of themselves through contorted and caricatured drawings, humorously altering their names to Schlagg, Schlutt, Shlatt, and more.

Schlatt is well-known for appearing in videos by various creators, particularly CallMeCarson, Wilbur Soot, and Tommyinnit. He was also a member of the Lunch Club YouTube Channel until it went on an indefinite hiatus in 2020.

Well known facts

Check out some of the well known facts regarding the well known Twitch Streamer:

  • Jschlatt often flaunts his firearm, a Glock 17 pistol. He has owned the pistol prior to turning 21, it is likely he received it from a family member. He also appears to own a T4E TPM1 .43 caliber training pistol.
  • Jschlatt claimed he was “Logan from Big Time Rush”; in his face reveal.
  • Jschlatt, a fan of Sugar Pine 7 and Cow Chop, as he is wearing Sugar Pine 7 merch during his face reveal, mentioned Cow Chop in a video.
  • Jschlatt hates Stal from Minecraft due to the first rivalry with AntVenom and helped kick off SMPLive.
  • The YouTuber told Minx that a homeless guy had a pin on his backpack of Star Wars, asking Jshlatt if he likes Star Wars, to which he answers no, he doesn’t.
  • Jschlatt edits his own videos; however, some recent videos were edited by Wheatskins (credited in video descriptions)

How Many Channels Does Jschlatt Have?

Best buds include:

Jschlatt’s History

Jschlatt, a renowned American YouTuber also known as Schlatt, has garnered significant acclaim throughout his career. Hailing from the United States, Jschlatt is an American YouTuber and Twitch streamer who creates content centered around games such as Minecraft, Cities: Skylines, and various Wii games. One of his notable achievements was being a member of the now-defunct SMPLive, where he showcased his skills on the exclusive Minecraft server initiated by CallMeCarson.

Frequently Asked Questions about (FAQs) About Jschlatt Net Worth

Did Jschlatt attend Harvard?

It appears that he is a Harvard graduate.

What has Jschlatt done?

The YouTuber has faced numerous instances of being “canceled” for things he has said and done, including repeated use of racial and hom*ophobic slurs, as well as mocking the Black Lives Matter movement. This led to his removal from the Dream SMP due to the Twitter hashtag.

Where is Jschlatt from?

Jschlatt is from the USA.

Is Jschlatt left-handed?

Yes, he is.

What is Jschlatt’s real name?

Jschlatt’s real name is Johnathan Schlatt.

Is Jschlatt single?

Yes, he is!

When is Jschlatt’s birthday?

Jschlatt’s birthday is on September 10th.

What is Jschlatt’s background?

Jschlatt, the well-known American YouTuber also known as Schlatt, has gained immense recognition over the years.

How much does Jschlatt make from Twitch?

Jschlatt earns $7,050 USD per month from Twitch, excluding additional revenue from tiered subscriptions, tips, sponsorships, Twitch cheer bit contributions, and advertisem*nts, among other sources.

Does Jschlatt own a business?

He mentioned that he now owns equity in OTK, and the team gave him $10,000 to film a video announcing the latest addition to the organization.

Final words

Jschlatt Net Worthhas been gradually increasing as he is more focused on his career. Share your opinion in the comments below. Also, stay tuned for further updates.

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Jschlatt Net Worth (2023) – Real Earning Revealed (2024)
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