I Survived 50 Hours Eating Only One Color Food (2023)


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We've been eating one-colored foods for the last 25 hours, because if you eat the wrong color, food, you're eliminated.

So I think it's time we take matters into our own hands.

Get your brain.

Yes, the 50 hour, one color, food, challenge, commences now, go right now, oh, no way pumpkin spice mochi oreos with red, filling, dude, how is all this good orange grape tomatoes, that's, pretty blue I'm, considering this purple for 50 hours.

We gotta eat the things of just our color.

So for me, it's blue pressing over there, yo, dude, wait get a blue shirt on if you don't get a blue shirt on you're gonna get kicked off the team.

No we get it.

All I don't need anything else.


What are you doing? What kind of shirt are you wearing wearing a blue shirt and it's? My grandma's shirt? Bro.

I found purple pop tarts.

What is that mayo sriracha that looks yellow? Not orange you're, an idiot hold up on the snacks.

I thought there was nothing green that was tasty.


I got a fruit bar.

We have everything we need it's time to check out.

We have everything we need to hopefully survive for the next 50 hours bring on the challenge.

And while my family was planning on what they were going to be eating.

I was planning on how I was going to eliminate them in secrecy.

Our next victim is purple aka madison.

We have to wait inside of here and then squirt her in the mouth with orange crush madison isn't gonna know what hit her.

Hey, maddie, can you come to the conference room real fast? I know, you're super busy with this whole 50 hours.

So you just you can just take a seat filming me this we're filming a video man, you know what 50 out.

Yeah, preston wanted to know if you wanted this it's in a purple cup.

Yeah, that's not going to fly.

He already told me, the packaging does not matter I'm, not going to be fooled by that stuff.

This is mine.

This is don't worry about it.

But you're red I'm, not even playing you're just wondering, if you had a crush on them is he under the kick that's.

The wrong answer, daddy, open your mouth.

No make a youtube face real quick.

You could say I crushed the competition maddie.

I can't believe she doesn't have a crush on preston.

Oh, my gosh, vincent.

What am I going to do? I can't let that happen to me preston.

It just wants blood.

Hey, I got a solution for you what this is black.

What do you want me to do with this tape? Your mouth? So then I can't eat.

But then he can't poison me, I'm just gonna make a reserve in my mouth preston's into sabotaging.

So I think I should as well.

This is red g fuel since we're going to be eliminating the rest of the contestants.

We brought in andrea who's, a private ship to cook us only orange food.

We have orange chicken it's, a buffalo, chicken.


The entire pizza is orange because we're going to be doing all this throughout the entire day it's going to get really busy.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no it's.

Not working.

What did you slept? I saved your life.

No, no, no.



This was orange earlier preston.

Look that didn't work.

I gotta get out of here, freaking redhead, welcome to keith's desk in the office.

We have made her this beautiful red sandwich, except we have this half red half white sauce that we got from target yesterday.

Normally kitty probably would think this is suspicious.

I had scott write this snow earlier today has definitely been an eventful day full of one colored foods.

I feel like I'm doing pretty good so far.

I've eaten a lot of red foods.

What what is this? I made this sandwich for you scott, oh I'm, such a sweet.

Husband, wait is it all red? Oh, wait it's, red, bread, red, salami, red tomatoes, I think I'm safe to eat.

It dawn sandwich is she gone? Oh well, her phone's gone.

Now, oh, she definitely took a bite of that.


Mayo rocha.

This video is getting pretty saucy stock.


Your wife is dead.

I may or may not have killed her.

We need to settle this.

Okay, we're just gonna move past that.

I guess this challenge has been going on for far too long.


I agree.

Listen to me you're making me drop.

My balls meet me on the bridge in the trail.

One verse one, whoever loses is eliminated you're freaking on preston.

Go let's.

Go there I'll, meet you there I'll, meet you there I'll, meet you there.

First I'm gonna freaking meet you there, I'm going the back way I'm gonna this is awkward.

I see, okay.

I followed scott and preston and they're out here on the bridge they're walking towards each other it's time to patch things up you, grab blue, I'll, grab orange I'm.

Not the children are you having kids with my sister? Eventually all right? I was just curious you having kids with my sister-in-law.

Eventually, this is weird.

We're gonna take turns throwing the sour kids in each other's mouth, if it lands that person's eliminated turn around one, two three, what are they doing scott's doing the same thing? 15 stop turn around I'm.

Never gonna make this that's.

I didn't think how that's really far they're walking forward they're being really goofy.

I don't know what the heck they're doing the rules are simple.

You have to keep your mouth open.

And if it lands in your mouth, you must chew no matter what.

And now every time we miss.

We take a step forward.

Oh no, are you trying to kill scott? Oh, you could say that battle ended kind of sour caleb.

He told me you saw me.

What are you doing? Are you eating grass I'm coming for you he's coming? He just killed scott he's going in the vending machine where's that oh I'm coming, you know, I'm going to find a way to get you out, no, wait where's.

The key inside buddy, let me see it is that you want this what the wrong do you want this I'm coming for you.

I got an idea all right.

Stephen listen.

Go find me a vacuum.

You better stick around because we're about to turn caleb into an orange snow globe and here's.

How we're gonna do it? Oh, you got one.

Oh, my god, relax.

I just need you to figure out how to put that in reverse that is the blow.


We got to turn it into the blower.


lid goes on the cheeto balls.

Hey, this is your last chance? What do you mean you have no way to get in here? You are literally going gonna get blown.

This is the end of the road.

I see you, I know you do wait, no, no, no turn it on.

He dropped the key look at the dust.

We put caleb in a pretty crummy situation if you know what I mean, wait, wait, why is the time you're still going? Wait there's another player other than me still left, wait.


So there's.

Some random player.

That's still left in this game.

The imposter could be somewhere here at the office.

I'm grabbing my keys, we're heading home, clear, safety.

First, baby, it's, just really creepy.

You expect the video to end, you know, we basically cheese balled.

My brother, and I thought that was going to be the end and no everything that's.


You can't ever play.

It too safe.

Someone's coming who's.

Oh, okay.

It's clear.

Come on.

Oh, my god, who is the last person tell me who is the player there's? No way that somebody can be up here.

We are 23 floors up.

I got an idea we're playing this until the time runs out.

There is no way I'm losing this in my own home.

It's just not gonna happen.

Oh, no.

My balls.

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