HUGE Secret Hotels Don't Want You To Know (GET UPGRADED EVERY TIME!) (2023)


Here is one of the biggest secrets hotels really don't want you to know. This will teach you to get the best value for your money when booking a hotel room. Watch now to learn these amazing tips and tricks!


In this video The Deal Guy is teaching you some of the biggest secrets that hotels dont want you to know! If you're always wondered how to get a room upgrade free and some of the insider hotel hacks then this video is for you!

Hotel's dont want you to know these tips and tricks so watch carefully and save with these hotel booking tips!

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Today, I show you how to score extreme vacation savings, how to get two sold-out properties and always secure a suite no fine print, no asterisks, just one website that will make a world of difference for all of your travel moving forward.

Hello, I.

Am the YouTube deal guy, Matt, granite for Matt's daily deals, calm, not subscribe.

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Well, if you turn those notifications on you'll find out if you win, any of my giveaways today, I'm just giving up free advice, but I give all the other products I test away for free, make sure you do subscribe to this channel.

Now, I travel every week, I travel extensively, in fact, I have so many travel points accumulated I.

Do one massive trip with my family every month, that's Europe, that's, different continents.

I guess Europe would be a different continent.

That's all sorts of travel.

I can skate you're, an idiot and I'm very excited.

Because this is a resource that I use.

Now before I get to the website I'm, not going to talk about timeshares I'm merely going to show you a website that shows you how to rent someone else's timeshare at the top properties around the world reminder.

What is a timeshare? It means someone has bought a one week vacation period that they own every year until they sell it and it's all prepaid.

So companies like Hyatt and Marriott and other wonderful companies, including the Ritz allow these people to have a full week of vacation at all of their favourite properties.

Every year.

What happens as many of these people find out that they can't go.

Life changes flights are too expensive.

And then they have the ability to legally rent their time shares all hotels allow you to do it.

Anyone allows you to write your timeshare when you rent into someone else's timeshare, you get top Suites at top properties.

And there is a highly reputable way to not only cut your costs on all this travel.

But if you want to go to Aruba, if you want to go skiing, if you want to get into sold out of hotels and score the top accommodations for your whole family I'm going to show you how to do that right now head over to mats daily, they were gonna find a pop-up box.

Add your name right here.

You will find out if you win, any of my giveaways you're, gonna find deals blogs coupons all of my recent deals are located right here.

If you do click on the blog posts, you'll be taken to my favorite resource for today.

Now my favorite resource for today is called red week.

Now this is great for people that want to sell timeshares awesome.

But as you can see, I have an account.

This is a website.

I use all the time to rent other people's time shares meaning I get a nightly rate and fixed accommodations in a top suite at a top property scroll to the top and click, timeshare rentals, not resales.

What I'm showing you right now is how to score incredible Suites at the top properties and let's type Disney because that's, very very popular let's, go to Disney, Vacation, Club search rentals and let's.

Look at all of the rentals available right now for rates as low as 114 dollars, let's, look at Disney's boardwalk, villas.

And for example, if we wanted to go in April at 190 dollars a night, you have the ability to do that.

You can also see the view and for a lot of these accommodations like this one right here, you're getting fixed accommodations, where they tell you, you get a queen.

You got a sleeper sofa, and you get a Murphy bed in this case and then all of the other features, if you're not yet blown away by what I'm showing you.

Let me actually break down the price comparison, let's discuss something more expensive like a Marriott in Aruba.

If we were to check in to this property, right now for between February 3rd and February 10th 2020, I'm going to get a rate of one hundred and sixty eight dollars if we head over to Marriott's website, not only is this property sold out, but for me to get a regular hotel room within the same vicinity, you can see the addresses are almost identical 643 dollars a night just to remind you I'm finding rates for the same dates, that's significantly less as low as 168, depending on what type of accommodation you check, the prices go up based on how many beds and bathrooms you happen to have.

But those are substantial savings.

You're also, not getting a hotel room in most cases, you're getting a suite let's.

Look at another example, let's look at the Hyatt High, Sierra lodge.

This is a two bedroom suite I've actually stayed here it's spectacular.

And you get a two bedroom suite that sleeps 8 with two full bathrooms.

In addition to this, the rate that I would be locking in at this prime ski week right now.

February 8th to February 15th is 286 dollars that also takes into account Valentine's Day, which is a very expensive time of the year.

286 is the rate that I get from red week for the exact same accommodations from Hyatt, calm let's.

Look at the dates again, the exact same dates, February 8th of February 15th for the exact same sweet, $500, a night again, $500 a night from Hyatt, calm for two-bedroom Suites, the exact same suite 286 dollars for the same days for red week, calm for all of these reservations that you can make you are also protected by the red week guarantee.

So if you've ever shopped Best Buy or different other websites like eBay that have a buyer protection.

This website does as well.

Not only do I use this website extensively, but they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and tons of very highly well-regarded customer reviews.

They've got great customer service, they're, not paying me to talk about them, there's, no affiliate, rip that I get by using this I'm just merely passing along travel advice.

So if you are looking to save some serious money, this is best suited for families.

Yes, you can find great deals on hotel rooms from Hotwire and Expedia and many different other mechanisms that I use in my travel, but you're, not usually getting a suite when you are renting a vacation timeshare unless it's specified as a studio.

You are always getting a one-bedroom or two-bedroom suite.

And for us when we travel, we can have the parents in one bedroom, my daughter on the other mint, as we expand our other family that other bedroom has two beds in it plus there's, a sofa bed.

So I'm, always traveling with accommodations that would cost significantly less than a hotel room.

And yet I'm getting a big suite.

And you don't always have to rent a week.

Sometimes you can get a couple of nights here and there.

But this is a great resource that will make a substantial amount of difference for your upcoming travel set up a free account.

You can set it up through Google or Facebook just sign in.

And if you don't even want to sign in just make sure you're searching the rentals, if you're searching the timeshare resales that's, a whole different thing, those have a completely different price and that you're signing up for a time show.

This is just a one-time only rental with no strings attached.

Thanks for watching if you're not yet subscribed to this channel like we'd love you to do that.

But also leave me a comment, let me know of any trips that you have coming up.

And if you want to see my travels as they continue to unravel follow me on instagram wearing the deal guy, I post a vacation pic for one of our trips every month, all of which are free.

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What is a secret hotel? ›

If you want to stay in a first-rate hotel but pay far less, you can opt for an unnamed 'secret' hotel at a super-hot discount price – the catch being that you won't know exactly where you're staying till you've paid.

What are some hotel hacks? ›

Hotel Travel Hacks
  • Use a trouser hanger.
  • Keep the power on.
  • Slip 'em a $20 note (for an upgrade)
  • Pack your favourite tea.
  • Turn your shower into a steamer.
  • Make (real) use of the shower cap.
  • Use the heated towel rack as a clothes dryer.
  • Make use of those sugar packs.

How do you get an upgrade in a hotel? ›

Even if you don't have status, here are five tips that may help you snag a free upgrade to a more luxurious room:
  1. Join one or more hotel loyalty programs. ...
  2. Avoid travel sites and book directly with the hotel. ...
  3. Ask staff for a hotel room upgrade. ...
  4. Let staff know if you have an issue. ...
  5. Plan your stay during the off-season.
May 19, 2023

How can I make my hotel room safe? ›

Some of the best hotel room safety devices include a hotel safe lock, a portable safe box, a portable travel door lock, or a portable hotel door alarm.

Are Secrets hotels adults-only? ›

Are Secrets Resorts for couples only? No, Secrets Resorts are not just for couples. While they are adults-only, singles, friends, groups, and families with adult children are all welcome here.

What are secrets hotels known for? ›

Secrets Resorts & Spas are committed to redefining and elevating the all-inclusive experience. With Unlimited-Luxury everything is included with your stay—from best-in-class service, gourmet restaurants and top-shelf drinks to endless day and nighttime activities.

What is the most stolen item from a hotel? ›

Wellness Heaven, the luxury hotel and spa guide recently surveyed 1,157 hoteliers to determine which items are the most commonly stolen from hotel rooms. The top five stolen items from hotels are towels, bathrobes, hangers, pens, and cutlery.

What are suspicious activities in hotel? ›

Do not touch, move, or alter the object. Do not disturb the suspicious item or object. Do not try to clean up the substance. Inform others and keep other staffs and guests away from the area.

What can you catch from a dirty hotel room? ›

Norovirus can survive on surfaces for weeks if not killed, and the flu lives for up to 24 hours if it isn't eliminated. Light cleaning alone can still leave you with a dirty hotel which is why it's important to have a thorough cleaning protocol in place that includes disinfecting to kill germs.

What is the $20 trick in Vegas? ›

What is the $20 Dollar Trick? The 20 Dollar Trick, sometimes called the sandwich trick, is a $20 tip sandwiched in between the necessary ID and credit card required at the hotel front desk check-in. In the past, this was a great way to get a complimentary upgrade.

Is it OK to ask for a free upgrade at a hotel? ›

When it comes to a hotel room upgrade, ask and you shall receive. That's right, a polite request can sometimes do the trick, which surprises frequent guests like Allan Jordan. It might surprise you, too. After all, for years everyone thought the color of your loyalty card determined the chance of a hotel room upgrade.

How do you ask a hotel to decorate your room for honeymoon? ›

Just Ask Earnestly

If you show up to the hotel all excited and share your good news, just ask politely if there's a chance to get a room upgrade to make your honeymoon more special. In general, hotel concierges will be happy to make your stay extra special when it's possible.

Which floor of the hotel is safest? ›

Next time you are booking a hotel room, you should make sure it isn't any higher than the fourth floor. A travel risk expert has revealed the best way to stay safe at a hotel – and rooms below the second floor are advised against as well.

What is the code to open a hotel safe? ›

Most new safes come with an override code of 0000 or 9999. When safes get installed in a hotel room it is the responsibility of the hotel to change the override code that the safe came with. Thieves and dishonest hotel employees that have access to your room can use the code to access your safe.

How do I make sure no one gets in my hotel room? ›

Hotel Room Security Tips for Travelers
  1. Always request a room on an upper floor, if possible.
  2. A solid door with a good deadbolt lock is best.
  3. Electronic card access locks help limit access.
  4. Make sure your door has a peephole and night latch and use it.
  5. Turn on the TV or radio just loud enough to hear through the door.
Jan 30, 2023

What are private hotels called? ›

Boutique hotels are some of the best places to stay when traveling. It's a perfect compromise when you prefer to have your own space, you don't like to stay in a dorm, or you don't have the budget to splurge for 5-star hotels.

What is a secret hotel guest? ›

An unknown guest star (usually on a television series) A mystery shopper for hotels, that is, an individual employed by hotel rating organizations to pose as a lodger to evaluate the quality of a hotel.

Why do hotels have hidden cameras? ›

One of the main reasons hotels install hidden cameras is for security purposes. Hotels have a responsibility to ensure that their guests are safe and secure while staying on their premises. Hidden cameras can be used to monitor any suspicious activity and prevent potential crimes from being committed.

What is a private bathroom hotel? ›

: a bathroom that is not shared (as with another room in a hotel)

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