Gina Doesn’t Want To Be Noella’s “Mid-Level Manager” | RHOC Highlight (S16 E8) | Bravo (2023)


The Real Housewives of Orange County are in Cabo, but it's not a relaxing vacation for everyone. Gina Kirschenheiter feels like she's Noella Bergener's "mid-level manager", making sure she's having fun but not offending the others. Meanwhile, their men have dinner back in Orange County while discussing their relationships. Watch full episodes in the free Bravo app and on Peacock.

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About The Real Housewives of Orange County:
After a five-year hiatus, Heather Dubrow makes her return to season 16, joining veteran Housewives Shannon Storms Beador, Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson. The ladies are joined by Dr. Jen Armstrong, an aesthetic MD who immediately integrates into the group by performing cosmetic procedures on the ladies and Noella Bergener, whose world is turned upside down when her husband unexpectedly files for divorce.

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Shannon Storms Beador
Gina Kirschenheiter
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Drink it while it's cold sister, I'm, a little busy chilling in other things right now, I'm, definitely mid-level management being supportive to noella and trying to also help noella be like respectful towards heather who put so much into this trip and it's really like a job.

And now I get why nobody wants to be mid-level management.

It sucks, um, I'm so excited that the boys are together, I know isn't that so sweet it's fun.

Should I facetime? Terry, yes, should I see on yet? Oh look who I am? I don't, see, john jansen, where are they hi there? He is hi sweetie.

I didn't know, all the boyfriends and husbands were at dinner together fantastic.

But I would love ryan to be part of that.

He does great with guys he's good.

I think he'll traumatize him, it's just the women.

He shuts up around gentlemen, cheers to our wives and our chicks and them.

Yes gentlemen.

I have your tuna poke some deck.



So this is guacamole.

Right? Yeah.

Now let's test.

It smells good.

So none of my business.

But you've been with shannon for three years.

Two years seems like it's, good, yeah, shannon.

And I we're totally committed to each other we're in no hurry to get married.

You know, things are good so totally.

None of my business you're, totally gonna ask that maybe I shouldn't, you should the whole nuptial thing is that a thing in the near future or and don't give us the pc answer.

I would say gina, and I would probably get married before john chin.

Oh, I want to date like me generally.

I plan my life in five-year increments.

You know, I'm not asking you to commit, but it's like probably more one to three right.

Yeah, one to three.

And you one to three depends on how many more margaritas.

What is going on with you? T, you know what? T says, I just like it's so hot, tequila, wait, no you're, not a tequila.

Queen, she's, tequila, emily I'm, tequila, emily I'm.


Shannon, hey, I have a question.

Yeah, if you and tom were gonna have a threesome who would you bring in we're, not we're.

Never gonna do it.

We've talked about it.

We would never do it.

We would never do it.

One night I did ask john if he'd ever been involved in a threesome.

And his response was no.

I think that bringing a third party into a relationship damages it.

And I agree, and nobody else needs to be in that bedroom and see this nakedness.

I I'm not gonna discount people that want to do that sort of thing.

But for me, the two of us are at a level that I never thought.

It would be with a person and hit him saying the same about me.

And so I like I get what he's saying like he's, a really lovely guy when I'm cooking dinner he's like what can I chop like john will say, if if he's not eating a meal with me he's going out because he's a single guy, wait what? Well, I mean, he's, not married, I don't know what he would have called a single.

Okay? Okay.

He's a committed guy.

Do you have a plan of like the trajectory of your relationship? Yes, we've we've talked about the fact that after my twins went to college where we would get together and buy a home together, can you put me in coach? We've had some amazing conversations.

Yeah, I truly do believe your kiddos right now of everything they've been through are you freaking? Those are your stomachs, you know what I said to them, you guys, haven't met noella yet, auntie, psychopath, they're gonna they're gonna flip and love you that's.

So nice that you would think that about somebody basically you've never said that excuse me.

And can I completely say what I was saying to shannon noella does not have to dominate every conversation.

I want her to exist in a room without becoming the room to go to the restroom, totally fine.

I'm, totally mine.

I'm, totally fine, totally totally fine.

Everybody get here everybody's.

Checking did she just touch your face.

She was just like are you? Oh you've got this.

You got this.

She was just checking.

I just confirmed she was doing a healthy wellness, check honestly by touching your face, are you she's? Okay, with you.

She just want to know she was.

Okay, I don't want to talk about something decent I'm talking about take it down and knock it off right now.

Nah get on get it.

Knock it off.


Can we go back? I feel like we need like shots.

No, but ladies, ladies.

You don't, get chakras.

Shut up, shot, crying, it's, not crazy.

But I know this emily, and I know we're about to hulk out.

We have been tactically trained for this moment.

This is beautiful it's.

A good time to meditate meditation is taking yourself to that tranquility place.

This is what you have to do when you're about to hulk out.

We don't need to hold out.

We can just calm ourselves down and meditate, um, ladies and gentlemen, ladies I'm grounded.


I want you to so let's go back to what I was first trying to talk about 30 minutes ago.

Okay, sorry about that with you.

So okay, listen.

You were.

You were asking questions about john.

Johnny jansen.

They were asking you.


She was asking you, oh, okay.



Yeah, friends to say that you're the children that's, right? Your kids are your life, emily and gina kind of do go down like 10 iq points when they're hanging out together, they're like tweedledee, tweedle dumb.

They have their own language.

They're probably on the same cycle because like you're making notes for all this stuff and you're you're, not going to race into anything we're fine children.

Ladies then we're, not idling children.

I mean, I'm allowed to have fun with my best friend we're in cabo.

You didn't even have your passport.

You didn't even know how to get on a commercial flight and you're to call me a child, no, but everything that you're going through.


Now, I'm done good night.

Bye, great like for your kid's like your purse.

Okay, wait, where are you going she's, very offensive, I'm being offensive, both of you so I'm going to leave get them back? Wait? What happened? Wait, stop.

It I'm, not mad at her, but don't call this children.

Oh, yeah, just don't do that you could I just have a think of my face and oh, yeah, but you get great we're like.

But this is what you do.

You get tell me what I do tell me one more thing I'm doing wrong.

Man, you.

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