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In this video, I downloaded a software called Voicebot in order to control my game by the words I say. I know people like Dorami have done something similar to this, but not exactly, because for him it was any noise made, but this is specific words, and in this video I do A TON with it. also if you don't know, this game Geometry Dash was made by RobTopGames @RobTopGames absolutely insane information!

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A few days ago, I, downloaded a software that uses my voice to control my game microwave.

And today my goal is to make a level that you can only beat by rapping and I'm, probably gonna do some other stuff too all right.

So to start off first thing we gotta go and make, um a new level.

But very first we have to actually make lyrics fire.

Geometry Dash.

Lyrics every day I be pooping.

Every day I be pooping.

Bro guys.

This software is utter garbage look at what it thinks I'm saying, bruh every day, I hope, everyday ID everyday hand, Partners led the way things are, oh my gosh, all right.

So unfortunately, we have to change the lyrics fine I, kick my friends, all right.


See if this one works I, kick my friends, dude, I kicked my friends, oh dude, no way.

Oh, my God I, just for all the information though we are not we're, not doing a triple Spike, that's ridiculous.

So now we need to think of the next bar.

So this gotta rhyme.

So we gotta go through a I, kick my friends.

They send me pants, they make amends I beat them up on the weekends they love men.

They have no girlfriend.

If I'm being completely honest, I think I actually might make a Beat Just for the level later in the video it's, what I recommend? Okay, yeah, that's.




Oh, no.


We're gonna have a problem it's, what I recommend it's? What I recommend it's? What I recommend? Oh, my, gosh, dude, okay.

You know what flick of the rhyming we're just gonna say stuff that makes no sense that can work with the bot I love to Dash I'm.

So done I'm actually done, dude, oh, my God geometry, dashing, oh, it got geometry.


Okay, that's.

Good while geometry, dashing, huh? And then here I'll make it.

So it clicks super fast, five times, because in case, you guys, don't know, I can make it.

So it doesn't just click once it can click as many times as I wanted to.

Oh hold on.

Let me turn this in the wave.

I want to see how fast that clicks I, kick.

My friends geometry, dashing over there's, no there's, no way that just happened I saw that I just realized if I say the words while on my computer it's gonna break my computer bruh.

And then after this part I think you'll go to a ship.

And then here you'll say something I'll just make you keep flying up all right? We gotta come up with the next bar balls.

Be smashing balls be smashing.

Oh, it got that one.

Okay, all right.


See if it works balls be smashing.

Yo, let's.

Go bro.

This is perfect.

Oh, my gosh, I, love.

This all right.

Next bar is going to be my house is crashing.

Yo I wonder, if it'll think that the piano says anything ten dollars, it can move the mouse.

I just got the best idea.

This might take a bit, but I want to do this and it'll be so cool I think I just made it.

So if you say something it changes your volume, my house is crashing bro.

Oh my God.

This is so dumb, but it's.

So good bro, I think over here, what I'll do is I'll add a spike you jump over and then let's make a dashboard that goes straight up.

This is about to be the best level ever bro.

All right.


See if this works, my house is crashing, oh, my gosh, dude, I did not expect that to work I, literally just threw in a bunch of like programming stuff.

And then it would work perfectly.

Oh my gosh.

Next bar would be robtop games, but the bot can't say that so we're just gonna say robber games and then I think for this one we'll go into a spoyd air and I think I'll, literally just make it.

So like it's like jump, jump, jump and just go up and down all right.


See if it works robber games.

Uh-Oh, oh, no, it's gonna continuously jump.

Oh, no.

Robber games.

Change let's.

Do some four time speed all right? I think for the next bar we'll do is very lame.

We gotta have some roasting in here.

Bro it's, not a wrap without a roast and I think for this part right here, I'll just make it.

So you jump twice all right, it's, very lame.

Okay, it worked.

It worked.

Okay, not bad.

Okay, all right so we're at six bars, all we need I'd say, is two more.

And then we beat the level all right.

Next bar, I make the cash, but I'm gonna do something special with this.

One I make the cash come on all right.

I'm gonna have to do some expert coding on this bro cash.

Yes, sir, dude, oh my gosh, that's.



Now all we need is one more bar and then that's it bro.

So I think what we do instead is put this as a final bar.

And before this put you are trash, so we say you are trash.

And then the ending is the cash sound then beat it, because that would be way more tense bro.

If it does that at the end for your trash, I'll, make it.

So you go into a UFO, and you have to do some crazy UFOs fans.

You are trash.

Oh, perfect.

Okay, that's.

Good that's good and then here's, where you say the final bar, oh, my gosh.

And just in case, there was some secret way.

We gotta all right W.

All right.

This is gonna be ridiculous, but I'm gonna do it? Anyways now, I'm going to make a song that fits this it's gonna be like maybe like some drum beats.

And then when you have to speak it stops, and then it goes again, like you guys will see.


So the song is done.

But before I show you guys the full thing let's, introduce our 10 second sponsor, at, you can support me and get awesome merch like this stuff on the screen.

And if you get the merch before the end of the year, you have a very high chance at getting six months of Discord Nitro more info.

In the description we have a 10 seconds, sponsorship, I.

Hope, you guys enjoyed that let's get back to the video.


All right.

So the goofy song has been finished and I made it so there's notes for when you're supposed to be talking.

So, uh, here it is geometry.

Dashing let's be smashing.

My house is crashing it's, very lame.

You are trashed I, make the cash.


So that's, the song, um and we're gonna just beat the level now.

Okay, guys.

The wait is over.

And it is finally time to beat this level.

Here we go first attempt, I, picked my friends geometry, dashing box be smashing.

Oh balls be smashing away.

Smashing suppose be smashing.

My house is crashing.

Oh, my God.

All right that was a new fire.

This new fire this.

Well, I'm gonna uncomplete the level.

So we can actually get new best.

My house is crashing.

My house is crashing games.

Oh, my gosh is not picking up again, robber games.

Oh my God.

My house is crashing, dude.

What does it think I'm? Saying, let's, see, let's, look at it, I didn't say, rival Almighty, what Robert games it's very lame, you are trash, no 80 of our new best new best new best let's.



Go is very late.

You are trash.

You are trash that was ridiculous that was actually ridiculous I'm putting that down a bit there's, no way I'm doing that jump battle.

Oh, my gosh, dude, pick some Flames bro.

Everyone, oh dude, oh my gosh, I, I, literally, have only three minutes more to do this before I stream.

And so if I don't do it, next 30 minutes, I'm gonna have to continue after I stream.

And also, if you don't watch my streams,, Kingston, I stream, almost every single day Link in the description.

Go watch me.

Bro it's, very lame.

You are trash all right? Well, that was my final attempt, bro, uh, we're gonna have to continue in like four hours all right time to beat this foreign geometry, dashing food, I, kick.

My friends balls be smashing robber games.

My house is crashing games.

It's very lame.

You are trash.

I made the cash I kicked my friends geometry, dashing balls be smashing.

My house is crashing is very lame.

You are trash.

I make the cash all right.

It's gonna be like seven hours later, it's like 1am.

We beat the level boys I'm publishing it right now.

Nine, Stars bang, here's the level, here's, the ID on screen, don't play bro, give it a like give it a try I don't, even know, bruh, the replacement song.

If you want it is in my Discord server Link in the description.

But yeah, that was a video that turned out of millington's better than I thought.

It would I thought.

This would go so much worse with the voice recognition.

But you know what it was an absolute Banger.

Anyone else is a banger this video right here.

So if you haven't seen me beating Minecraft on piano, go watch that it's.

One of my best videos I'll link that in the description as well because it's such a banger, but guys.

Thank you all so much for watching this and I will see you guys the next one like And, subscribe and oh, wow.

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