Exploring the Finest Brunch Restaurants in Covent Garden (2023)

Covent Garden, often renowned for its vibrant nightlife and theatrical attractions, conceals a treasure trove of delightful brunch experiences. Despite its reputation primarily as an evening rendezvous, this district harbors an array of culinary gems catering to the early morning cravings of discerning visitors and locals alike.

The Barbary Next Door: A Petite Gem

Nestled snugly beside The Barbary, The Barbary Next Door exudes a charismatic appeal. Its limited bar seats witness a surge in demand during weekends, offering a colorful menu brimming with Insta-famous delights like the four cheese boureka, accompanied by a vibrant playlist and peppy staff.

The Delaunay: Elegance Redefined

Reflecting a strong Viennese vibe akin to its Piccadilly sibling, The Wolseley, The Delaunay stands as an epitome of tradition and grandeur. Perfect for sophisticated brunch meetings or special occasions, it entices with a Viennese breakfast and an alluring 'Viennoiserie' bakery menu.

Temper: Where Meat and Drinks Flow

For enthusiasts seeking free-flowing drinks and a plethora of meats, Temper’s Covent Garden branch is the haven. A bottomless barbecue brunch on weekends treats patrons to barbecued delights like burgers, chicken wings, and an assortment of libations.

Dishoom: Reliving Bombay’s Café Culture

Dishoom, with its nostalgic café setting reminiscent of old Bombay, captivates Londoners with a breakfast menu served daily until 11.45 am. From the acclaimed bacon naan roll to the exotic fire-toast with pink-peppercorn and pineapple jam, it offers a flavorful start to the day.

Salvador & Amanda: A Spanish Affair

Transporting guests to Spain's vibrant spirit, Salvador & Amanda presents a three-course Spanish bottomless brunch. Indulge in chorizo and egg hash or churros dipped in chocolate sauce while reveling in 90 minutes of free-flowing sangria, house wine, or cava.

The Ivy Market Grill: All-Round Appeal

With a smart terrace overlooking Covent Garden piazza, The Ivy Market Grill boasts a populist all-day menu and a charming ambiance. From Ivy signature dishes to comforting desserts, it caters to diverse tastes, making it an appealing choice for breakfast or brunch.

Inamo: Hi-tech Japanese Fusion

At Inamo, the 'bottomless' essence extends beyond drinks to food. Revel in unlimited helpings of sushi and Asian-style tapas alongside your choice of wine or beer, all within a high-tech Japanese dining ambiance.

Monmouth Kitchen: Fusion of Italian and Peruvian

Combining Italian and Peruvian flavors, Monmouth Kitchen serves a tempting brunch daily until early hours. Whether indulging in Italian brekkie or relishing Peruvian delights, accompanied by Bellinis or Machu Mary cocktails, it’s a sensory experience.

Bunga Bunga: A Scandalous Affair

For the adventurous, Bunga Bunga hosts a raunchy ‘Buff Brunch’ featuring circus, cabaret, and burlesque performances. Quaff glasses of free-flowing pink Prosecco while relishing bottomless pizza amid scandalous entertainment.

Covent Garden Grind: A Relaxing Retreat

For a serene brunch, Covent Garden Grind beckons. Offering a calming space and a simple yet delectable menu of brunch favorites, it’s the ideal spot for smashed avocado on toast or ham and cheese croissants.

Abuelo: Tempting Brunch Delights

Primarily a coffee house, Abuelo entices with a tempting brunch menu featuring figs with honey, smashed avocado on sourdough toast, or an egg and prosciutto breakfast roll, complemented by refreshing beverages.

Balthazar: Lively Brasserie Experience

The lively upscale brasserie, Balthazar, serves a vibrant weekend brunch from petit morning delights to a lavish spread. Choose from an array of sumptuous offerings, from eggs Royale to caviar with blinis.

The Black Penny: Brunch with a Twist

Named after London’s historical coffee shops, The Black Penny tantalizes with Alchemy coffee and an array of traditional brunch dishes, including specialty hashes like the must-try crispy duck hash.

Brasserie Max: Boutique Charm

The Covent Garden Hotel’s Brasserie Max exudes boutique charm, offering a refined setting for a business brunch. From classic brunch favorites to fish specialties, it caters to diverse palates.

Big Easy Covent Garden: New Orleans Revelry

Embracing the spirit of New Orleans, Big Easy invites patrons to a ‘boozy brunch’ celebration. Indulge in alcoholic beverages paired with a choice of delectable dishes, from clam chowder to lobster feasts.

Christopher’s: Stateside Brilliance

Set in a Grade II-listed Victorian building, Christopher’s presents a reliable Stateside weekend brunch. Offering an extensive menu featuring buttermilk pancakes, blackened salmon, and various omelette options, it caters to varied preferences.

Henrietta: Bountiful Buffet Breakfast

Henrietta Hotel’s buffet breakfast stands out with unlimited pastries, cheese, and fruit options. Patrons can opt for classics like smashed avo on toast or the obligatory full English, relishing a diverse breakfast spread.

Ladurée Covent Garden: Parisian Indulgence

Indulge in a sweet-toothed brunch affair at Ladurée, featuring exquisite cakes and brunch-style dishes like Ladurée omelette or soft-boiled eggs with caviar. The intimate Parisian teahouse promises a delightful culinary experience.

Lima Floral: Peruvian Extravaganza

Lima Floral, the more accessible sibling of Michelin-starred Lima, offers a three-course weekend brunch. Delight in small-plate treats like sea bream ceviche and grilled prawns, followed by a pudding of shortbread filled with dulce de leche.

For those seeking the most enticing brunch experiences in Covent Garden, this comprehensive guide unveils an array of diverse, exquisite culinary options. Each establishment promises a unique blend of flavors, ambiance, and culinary creativity, catering to every brunch enthusiast's discerning palate.

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