Exploring Newark with Hertz Car Rentals at Newark International Airport (2023)

Discover Newark, New Jersey, from a Fresh Perspective

Newark, situated on the border of New Jersey and New York state, welcomes travelers to its vibrant mix of historical richness and modern-day allure. Nestled just a 30-minute drive from the bustling streets of Manhattan, this city offers a serene escape while being in close proximity to one of the world's busiest hubs. With Hertz car rentals stationed at Newark Liberty International Airport, embarking on an exploration of this bustling region becomes effortless.

Your Gateway to Newark's Highlights

Unlocking Newark's Treasures with Hertz's Fleet

Renting a car with Hertz opens doors to an impressive array of vehicles suitable for any expedition. Whether planning a family road trip, solo city escapade, or business venture, Hertz ensures a seamless experience. From family-friendly SUVs tailored for memorable journeys to sleek convertibles ideal for urban adventures, your perfect ride awaits at Newark Airport.

Navigating Newark's Roads

Your Guide to Newark's Key Highways

Newark boasts vital highways that facilitate seamless travel across the region:

  • Interstate 280 (I-280): Running through the northern part, it links the city to Essex and Morris County in the west and connects to the New Jersey Turnpike in the east.
  • Interstate 78 (I-78): Originating in New York City, it traverses the southern part of Newark, offering convenient access to the airport and further into Pennsylvania.
  • Interstate 95 (I-95): Known as the New Jersey Turnpike, it courses through eastern Newark, connecting to Philadelphia in the southwest and extending into Connecticut in the northeast.

Navigating from Newark Airport

Smooth Transitions from Airport to Destination

The journey from Newark International Airport to Downtown Newark, spanning approximately 15 minutes in normal traffic, unfolds seamlessly:

  1. Depart from the Hertz car rental lot, heading south on Lindbergh Road.
  2. Turn left onto Hotel Road and follow signs to join NJ-21 N.
  3. Continue on NJ-21 and turn left onto Lafayette Street.
  4. Take a right onto Mulberry Street, followed by a left onto Market Street leading into Downtown Newark.

Beyond Newark: Exploring Nearby Destinations

Seamless Travel Beyond Newark

Newark's strategic location offers expedient access to nearby cities:

  • New York City: Accessible within an hour via I-95 North, unveiling the vibrant essence of Manhattan and its iconic landmarks.
  • Philadelphia and New Haven: Both within a two-hour drive, presenting opportunities to explore the rich history and charm of these neighboring cities.

Unveiling Newark's Gems

Stay, Dine, and Indulge in Newark's Finest

Hotels: Discover comfortable accommodations at:

  • SpringHill Suites Newark Liberty International Airport: Ideal for business or leisure, offering spacious suites and convenient proximity to the airport.
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Newark Airport: Stylish rooms, modern amenities, and easy access to major highways for seamless travel.
  • Hotel Indigo Newark Downtown: Stylish accommodations close to the Prudential Centre, offering modern comforts and accessibility to Newark's attractions.

Restaurants: Explore culinary delights at:

  • The Walla: Experience a fusion of Indian flavors, offering unique dishes like the signature samosa burger and vegan cauliflower wings.
  • Hobby’s Delicatessen: An authentic deli experience in the business district, renowned for its piled-high pastrami sandwiches.
  • Vonda’s Kitchen: Indulge in local favorites, including jumbo shrimp, BBQ beef short ribs, and delectable breakfast options.

Attractions: Dive into Newark's cultural scene at:

  • Newark Museum of Art: Housing diverse galleries and collections, showcasing fine art from across the globe.
  • Riverfront Park: An idyllic riverside oasis, perfect for leisurely strolls or cycling amid lush greenery.
  • New Jersey Performing Arts Center: Immerse yourself in captivating performances spanning music, dance, theater, and more.


Unveil the splendor of Newark and its neighboring treasures with Hertz car rentals at Newark International Airport. Embrace convenience, explore with ease, and embark on an enriching journey through this vibrant region.

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