Certificates of Deposit -- Higher Promotional Rates! | Central Willamette CU (2024)

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The All-New Flex12 CD

The Flex12 CD is a different type of Certificate account. Traditional CDs lock you into a rate for a certain amount of time. With the Flex12 CD, your rate is flexible, giving you an advantage in an environment of rising rates.

The Benefits

  • It's Different:Its unique tie to the three-month Treasury Bill plus an additional 0.25% sets it apart.

  • Add Funds at Your Convenience:Enjoy the freedom of adding an extra $2500 or more to your Flex12 CD anytime you like, without the hassle of opening additional accounts.

Discover the Flex12 CD Today!

4.75% APY* 7-month CD Rate Special!

We raised our CDrates again, and are now offering a limited time promotional rate of 4.75% APY*.Go to a CWCU Branch near you and get this great deal!

Find the perfect CD for you with our CD Comparison Calculator!

Make the most of your savings with our handy CD comparion tool. By entering various rates and terms, you can see which CD offers the highest interest rate, allowing you to maximize the interest earned on your savings.

Let us create a customized CD strategy for you

Fill out the contact form found at the bottom of this page, and we'll help you pick the right CD. *Promotional rate available for new money only.

A Certificate of Deposit (CD) is a great choice if you want to put your savings somewhere safe and get a competitive rate for your money. You won't find these rates with a traditional savings account.

Plus, CDs are flexible. You can choose the term of your CD, from a minimum of 6months up to 5 years or anywhere in between, we call it Member's Choice Maturity. And it’s only available for Central Willamette members.

When you open a Central Willamette CD, you can sit back and watch your savings grow for a fixed term.


Previous APY

Current APY

1 Year1.55%2.50%
18 Months1.60%2.60%
2 Years1.75%2.70%
3 Years1.80%2.80%
4 Years1.90%2.90%
5 Years2.00%3.00%
7 Month Special3.50%4.75%
13 Month Special3.80%4.50%

CDs As Low As $500

Current rates offer a variety of options if you want to create a CD laddering strategy to protect your investment and maximize your returns. CDs are also a great choice if you simply want to lock away some money for a specific period and get more interest on it than you would in a checking or savings account.

You can get started with a certificate of deposit for a little as $500. Just remember, the money will be unavailable for the term you agree to, so only put money in that you won’t need for that time frame. Otherwise you may be subject to early withdrawal penalties.

Get the Facts. Earn More. Start Here.

Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you to personally answer your questions on how your $$money can earn more at Central Willamette Credit Union. We’ll be happy to customize a CD strategy that meets your personal financial goals. Let’s do it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join Central Willamette Credit Union?

How are Credit Unions different from Banks?

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Offer valid for a limited time only on money not currently on deposit with CWCU. $500 minimum deposit required.

Certificates of Deposit -- Higher Promotional Rates! | Central Willamette CU (2024)
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