Can Gia Giudice Convince Milania Giudice to Forgive Joe Gorga? | RHONJ (S12 E3) Highlight | Bravo (2023)


Dolores Catania drops the news that her ex-husband Frank will be moving in once her house's renovations are done. Then, although Teresa and Gia Giudice have forgiven Joe Gorga, Milania refuses to go to a pizza night with him. Can her sister and mother change her mind? Watch full episodes in the free Bravo app and on Peacock.

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From Jersey to the Hamptons to Jamaica, the ladies will weather the storm as this season proves that having fun in the sun is not always as easy as it seems. As Teresa prepares herself and her daughters for her husband’s future, she is simultaneously faced with cheating rumors and lingering tension within the group. Melissa is on the brink of celebrating her 40th birthday, and while her career is booming, she still thinks one thing is missing from her perfect family. Margaret is forced to revisit repercussions from a legal battle while struggling with her mother’s decision to start a new chapter. Dolores questions her future with David and must make the ultimate decision about their relationship. Jackie opens up to her friends and family about her eating disorder in hopes of becoming an advocate for others. Jennifer undergoes a major physical transformation that has her feeling as confident as ever, but after her daughter and friends accuse her of acting like a bully, she is left feeling rattled. Freshly divorced Danielle continues to clash with Margaret, putting her relationship with Teresa on the chopping block.

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Wow, you're gonna burn the sauce here.

It'll lower.

The flame on this that's all right, frankie, knock knock into things.

Ah, gabby's.

Home, hi.

Dr, gabby do your patients love you like your mom.

Nobody loves me like my mom, mom.

This is good pasta.

This is no.

I need food.

Okay, then you don't have to wait this isn't, a formal dinner.

This is so good what'd.

You put in here, butter, no, oil, wait.

So so let's talk about what's going on in our family lately.

Yes, this one doesn't stop complaining about the house, frankie to be fair.

I have a makeshift faucet.

It's disgusting.

The sink was only cold water.

Oh gabby.

I feel so bad because frank was like you'll, move home.

You'll have a place to stay.

And cause I lived there for three weeks.

And there I didn't see a single worker that was frustrating to me, too frank still hasn't, finished the house, dad screwed up a little bit.

So I had the kids move in with me till frank gets on his game and finishes what he has to do.

I want you to have somewhere to go without paying for bills.

Thank you.

Mom like I just feel bad because I know you want your own house.

Okay, we're very grateful like I'll.

Be honest.

I cannot wait till this house is done it's just too much attention.

And I was like, well, frankly, how hard is it for you to have a good place for me to come home to I don't? Even think we spoke for like three days after that? Well, I got news for you dad's coming home.

Are you kidding? Dad wants to come home and live with you guys frank.

And I live together in that house before the renovation welcome home.

But since the renovations he's been living at the shore house, and he had plans to come back when the house was done when's frank moving in what does he have to ask him? And since it's been frank's home for a few years, I don't feel it's right to say, oh now you're banished because your kids are coming home.

Do you think frank moving in is a good idea, it's just kind of weird to like have him live with you.

And we got divorced 22 years ago, I think it's a terrible idea me and frank are two strong, personalities, we're gonna be heads frank.

And the kids have never lived together.

I got divorced when I was pregnant for frankie and gabrielle was two and a half.

You guys are adults.

Now, like if you mouth off too much gab, even though we lived separately growing up.

The kids saw frank had a temper actually, both of us do I'm just saying, like if you say, thanks to daddy, he'll get fed up gabrielle, handles things.

The way she saw, they were handled she's a hothead.

I didn't keep this family together through a divorce through growing kids.

Then half the time he didn't even know I handled.

Everything did you have fun though frank? Well, I was sitting back raising this as I saw, you drive up and down the bay with all the horse hanging off the boat.

I just hate anybody like I'm.

A pushover in this family.

Frankie goes the opposite way.

He doesn't like being upset, he just wants calm and nice I'm asking you not to fight.

I just think we have to like set ground rules that like frank can't have guests.

So so if dad brings girls home, you know, he is, they can't be coming around the house.

I think setting boundaries is very important.

We should sit down as a family and talk about it let's, get it all out on the table who has family meetings? What the hell are we losers? You guys it's gonna pour here any minute.

I see it coming gino.

You definitely get your physique from me joey.

You got your face from me, two perfect little men.

I know, ready to go to camp very good is the car here.

Yes, let's head out.

Okay, let's.

Take a really quick poop.

Now he decides he wants to poop.


He takes quick poops guys.

Thank you so much for being here.

We love you so kim for the website.

Should we do like group shots first or let's do group shots and each color and then one by one like one sand, one blue, one pig.

Okay, let's get started so cute.

Oh, my god, beautiful, wait.

How do you open this? Easy, it's, rich, you look so good, you want a peek.

Yeah, hi guys, hi, oh my gosh.

This is so cute thinking about so many things last year, gia's song, waking up in the morning, went viral waking up in the morning thinking about so many things I just wish things would get better all these rappers were singing.

It was, it will smith will smith I'm just so proud of her.

She ended up making a sweatshirt line.

And now her sweatshirts aren't, a bunch of boutiques.

Do you want to add more girls? So it's, not just blue, no let's.

Do it? Yeah, I'm on it here squat with me in the front, oh yeah, that's cute like that that looks cool cute adriana.

Come here after getting in the photo with me, really quick, oh that's.

So nice all right hold on.

Okay, like that tree I'm getting you in one.

Wow, oh, yeah, get in there get in there very cute? Okay, cool can I see that? What did you say on the last one melania? Did you see the text louie wrote today? No louis sent a text today like saying, we should do a pizza night with zia, melissa and zeojo and I'm, not going to I get you on like there's.

No reason for you not to it's, obviously, I'm hurt over what happened seeing him like scream at you when he was like saying things about dad, I cannot watch that.

And then you told me everything that happened.

I snuck up for my parents don't, bring on my naught.

I don't know, that's when I walk away from me, okay, like I would have flipped out all right? Listen gia.

And my brother made up, we said, our piece and everyone was meaning to like resolve things.

But my main thing was do you really want to hold on to this for so long, like I'd be like I don't know, but like he hasn't even talked to me melania, she has the biggest heart.

But if you go after her dad, the guy that she loves the most please make my daddy come home quick.

She is gonna have the biggest grudge against you.


We all want peace.


Your uncle he's.

My only family, you guys gotta just come to a happy medium.

You know, be like all right? Let's, let's, just let this end right, yeah.

And you guys are not forcing me to do anything.

So stop.



What are you going to hold? I don't know what I want to do all right? I got to get back to business bye.




Did Gia say Joe could do better than Melissa? ›

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Gia Giudice said that her uncle Joe Gorga can “do better” than his wife, Melissa Gorga, amid rumors that she cheated. Drama ensued during the season 13 finale on Tuesday, May 16, when Danielle Cabral addressed rumors about Melissa's infidelity during a party.

What did Gia say to her uncle Joe? ›

Gia Giudice, 22, was phoned by her mother, 51, during the episode to address her uncle Joe's, 43, recent claim that she told him he 'could do better' than his wife Melissa Gorga, 44, amid the family's ongoing feud.

Who ratted Teresa Giudice out? ›

'RHONJ' reunion: Teresa Giudice says Melissa Gorga ratted her out and sent her to jail.

What has Joe Giudice said about Joe Gorga? ›

During his latest podcast interview, Joe continued to slam the Gorgas for alleging the Giudice family “would not still be living in that house and have food” if they hadn't helped film the spin-off, “Teresa Checks In,” during Teresa's prison stay.

Did Gia Giudice get work done? ›

In July 2020, Gia revealed she got a nose job and couldn't be more pleased with her results. “Yes, I'm swollen,” she captioned the snap of her rhinoplasty done by Dr. Geoffrey Tobias.

Does Gia Giudice have a job? ›

She founded her own virtual immigration law firm in 2020, with her main office being in Dallas. Gia is ready to start her career, since the matter is close to her heart after her father was deported.

Did Gia say Joe could do better? ›

In a subsequent confessional, Joe dropped a revealing a bombshell about the dynamics between the families. He claimed Teresa and Louie not only told him Melissa had cheated with "multiple men," but that a few days later, his niece Gia Giudice called him to say "we just think you can do better."

Did Gia tell Joe he can do better? ›

Weighing in. Real Housewives of New Jersey star Gia Giudice said that her uncle Joe Gorga can “do better” than his wife, Melissa Gorga, amid rumors that she cheated. Drama ensued during the season 13 finale on Tuesday, May 16, when Danielle Cabral addressed rumors about Melissa's infidelity during a party.

Is Gia still close with her uncle Joe? ›

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Gia Giudice said that her relationships with her uncle Joe Gorga and aunt Melissa Gorga are “over.” Gia, 22, opened up about their family's strained dynamic in a teaser clip for the post-season finale episode shared on Tuesday, May 16.

Who turned Joe Giudice into the feds? ›

Joe Giudice slams RHONJ stars Melissa and Joe Gorga for allegedly turning him and his ex-wife Teresa Giudice in to the FBI for their tax crimes.

Did the Gorgas call the FBI on Teresa Giudice? ›

Despite current social media chatter that Giudice's brother, Joe Gorga, and his wife, Melissa Gorga, were involved in the call to the feds, Lauren shut down those rumors. “Love the gorgas,” she wrote in a comment, shared Friday by the @nofilterwithzack Instagram account. “Never once even implied it was them.”

Did Teresa Giudice keep her house? ›

After an extensive redecoration project, Teresa ultimately decided to put the house on the market and eventually sold it for $1.9 million. Now, she's living in a new pad with her new husband, Luis “Louie” Ruelas, their combined children and dogs, and a totally new décor vibe.

Are Teresa and Joe Gorga getting along? ›

This family feud has run its course. After over a decade of fighting, Teresa Giudice finally decided to end her strained relationship with brother Joe Gorga and sister-in-law Melissa Gorga on The Real Housewives of New Jersey's final season 13 reunion episode June 13.

What did Gia say about Melissa Gorga? ›

Gia has also been vocal about the family separation, accusing Joe and Melissa of trying to "put a wedge" between her and her cousins, Antonia, Joey, and Gino Gorga, and telling her uncle that he "could do better" after rumors of Melissa's infidelity surfaced in last week's episode.

Were Joe and Melissa at Teresa's wedding? ›

Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga didn't attend Teresa Giudice and Luis “Louie” Ruelas' wedding as shown on The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa Gets Married special on May 23, but social media posts the two of them shared, which alluded to their absence, did end up making an appearance.

What did Gia say to Margaret? ›

Her tone struck a chord with Gia, who rolled her eyes at the comment before telling Margaret, "I mean, you're wearing the same thing anyway. We're all wearing black leggings. She supports you guys at everything." In response, Margaret told Gia, "I support her all the time, just not today."

What did Gia say about Jackie? ›

Gia previously addressed Jackie's statements on Twitter, writing that she is "suffering the consequences" while Jackie and Evan's marriage remains "happy." "Saying it was an analogy is making it excusable, it's not," Gia wrote.

Why did Gia write a sad song? ›

Milania expressed the sentiment of Gia's “Waking Up in the Morning,” also known as “Sad Song,” which she sang as an 11-year in 2011 on Season 3. The song referred to the drama between her mom and uncle back then, and how it affected her and her sisters. Apparently not much has changed over the last decade.

Was Melissa really a dancer? ›

Melissa denied stripping… but admitted she worked at Looker's strip club. Melissa said that while she did work at the club, she always wore a tank top and shorts. “Melissa worked at the club behind the bar, not as a dancer,” her rep told HuffPo. “[She] worked one day a week for almost a year.

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