Advancing Pharmaceutical Education: A Comprehensive Guide to Pharmacy Studies (2023)


Embarking on the journey of pharmacy studies opens doors to a dynamic and vital profession in the healthcare sector. Spanning 6 to 9 years, including internships, these studies pave the way to becoming a pharmacist in various regulated fields such as community pharmacy, pharmaceutical industry, hospital pharmacy, or medical biology. With a multidisciplinary approach encompassing chemistry, biology, pharmacology, and clinical aspects, pharmacy studies aim to produce healthcare professionals specialized in medications, involved in every stage from conception to patient dispensation.

Diverse Career Opportunities

Pharmacy studies not only lead to a career as a pharmacist but also offer pathways to diverse sectors such as higher education, scientific research, cosmetics, agro-food, scientific journalism, environmental professions, and humanitarian work. The pharmacy profession presents a spectrum of future-oriented careers, providing opportunities for employment across France and internationally, whether as an employee or a self-employed professional.

Explore Exciting Pharmacy Professions

Discover compelling and evolving roles within the pharmacy domain through resources provided by the National Order of Pharmacists and explore detailed job profiles on the LEEM website.

Joining the 2nd Year of Pharmacy Studies (DFGSP2)

Prospective students can enter the 2nd year of pharmacy studies through the Specific Health Access Program (PASS) or Health Access Licenses (LAS) at the University of Paris Cité and Paris 13. Direct entry into the 2nd or 3rd year is also possible through the "Passerelles" procedure, organized by each university with health programs. Applications for this procedure must be submitted by March 15 for enrollment in the same year.

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Structure of DFGSP2

The teaching of DFGSP2, the 2nd year of pharmacy studies, is divided into two semesters (S1 and S2), each comprising units of teaching (UE). These units cover diverse topics including Organization and Evolution of Living Things, Spectral Analysis Methods, Immunology, Pharmaceutical Operations, and Mathematics-Statistics-Informatics.

Progressing to the 3rd Year of Pharmacy Studies (DFGSP3)

Similar to the process for the 2nd year, entry into the 3rd year can be achieved through the "Passerelles" procedure. The curriculum in DFGSP3 is organized into two semesters, with units covering Physiology and Pharmacology, Drug Engineering, Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, and English language proficiency.

Tailored Learning Paths

Students can explore different specialization paths, such as Cardiovascular and Renal Diseases, Active Principles of Medications, Microbiology, and Parasitic Diseases, in the 2nd semester of DFGSP3. The flexibility of transfers at the end of the first cycle, after completing the 3rd year, provides additional options for students.

Navigating the 4th Year of Pharmacy Studies (DFASP1)

DFASP1 marks the conclusion of the common pharmacy studies and the initiation of the student's chosen professional orientation. The year is divided into semesters, covering topics like Oncology and Blood Diseases, Active Principles of Medications, Exposure Variability to Active Molecules, and Infectious Pathologies.

Certification and Specialization

DFASP1 concludes with the Certificate of Pharmaceutical Synthesis (CSP) oral exam, evaluating the student's grasp of the foundational knowledge. Specializations include Oncology, Drug Design and Development, and Quality Assurance, preparing students for diverse career paths in community pharmacy, pharmaceutical industry, or hospital pharmacy.

Transition to the 5th Year of Pharmacy Studies (DFASP2)

The 5th year presents distinct paths for students: Officine, Industry and Research, or Hospital Pharmacy, Medical Biology, and Research. Each path involves a hospital internship, specialized teaching, and the opportunity to delve into unique aspects of the pharmacy profession.

Tailored Learning Experiences

In the Officine path, students engage in specialized activities, management, and patient follow-up. The Industry and Research path includes understanding industrial drug development, statistical applications, and case studies. The Hospital Pharmacy, Medical Biology, and Research path emphasize intern preparation and specific coursework.

Pursuing Excellence: Internship and Beyond

As students progress through pharmacy studies, the possibility of entering the internship stage, particularly in hospital settings, becomes a significant milestone. The structured curriculum and diverse specializations prepare students for professional roles that align with their interests and aspirations.

Specialized Tracks

The Officine track focuses on activities at the pharmacy counter, management, and quality assurance. The Industry and Research track delves into regulatory aspects, quality assurance, and practical applications. The Hospital Pharmacy, Medical Biology, and Research track involve internship preparation and specialized coursework.

Competitive Edge: The Internship and Beyond

Successfully completing the 5th year opens avenues for internships, providing practical experiences in real-world settings. The varied paths—Officine, Industry and Research, or Hospital Pharmacy, Medical Biology, and Research—offer students opportunities to hone their skills and specialize in their chosen field.

Post-Internship Options

Upon completing the internship, students can opt to pursue further studies, enter the workforce, or explore competitive avenues such as participating in the internship contest.


Pharmacy studies offer a comprehensive and dynamic educational journey, equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary for a rewarding career in healthcare. The diverse specializations, internships, and tailored learning paths contribute to producing well-rounded professionals ready to make meaningful contributions to the field of pharmacy. As you navigate the intricacies of pharmacy studies, embrace the opportunities for growth, specialization, and excellence in this evolving and crucial profession.

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