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Lease Audit

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All of the services CRS provides center on our expertise in lease expense reduction and cost avoidance. CRS prides itself on consistent, well-documented analyses with procedures designed specifically for office and retail facilities.

A CRS Lease Audit is a comprehensive review of every expense incurred by a tenant as part of their lease commitment. Areas reviewed include:

  • Rent & Additional Rent
  • Common Area Maintenance
  • Utility Usage & Charges
  • Construction Costs
  • Operating Expense Charges
  • CPI Rate Escalations
  • Management Fees
  • Porters Wage Formulas
  • Real Estate &Other Taxes
  • Subtenant Charge-Backs
  • Space Measurement
  • All Lease Calculations

CRS Lease Audit Services deliver cost savings to our Clients by combining a thorough investigation of all lease documentation, exhaustive analyses of the entire billing history of a lease, and proven abilities to identify and bring rent disputes to a close. For each location reviewed, CRS will work with the Client to plan and execute negotiating strategies to obtain the most favorable resolution of all potential claims.