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Lease Administration

Reporting    Solutions

CRS offers Lease Administration Services that can be configured to match the varying levels of involvement desired, from interpreting and assembling property information into client systems, to handling all aspects of administration, including payment of bills.

  • Lease Abstracting
  • Critical Date Tracking
  • File Organization
  • On-line Reporting
  • Bill Processing
  • Data Migration

CRS expertise and systems deliver complete solutions, providing a fully functional and customizable online Lease Administration reporting platform, LeaseBase™. More importantly, CRS provides the seasoned staff that gets the portfolio on-line-reading and abstracting leases, organizing files, evaluating and refining systems for lease tracking and bill paying.

Lease Abstracting CRS Lease abstracts provide clear, concise, complete descriptions of key lease clauses, including basic business points, critical dates, expense-related issues, tenant's rights, obligations, and miscellaneous provisions.

File Organization CRS File Organization and Lease Abstracting services can be utilized to improve or complete existing systems or to assist clients in getting their data into any software system.

Bill Processing CRS reviews and vouches all lease-related bills and maintains billing records and payment schedules. At the Client's option, CRS can receive and process bills directly from landlords.

Critical Date Tracking CRS provides the expertise to create a complete, online database for each Client that reflects their real estate commitments, tracks them over time, and provides routine status reports on their current and future options, rights, and responsibilities.

Data Migration Our IT staff can assist in expediting data transfer with Client systems and format and deliver data and spreadsheet files on disk to meet Client reporting needs.

Lease Monitoring Post audit reporting and activities review, focus on preventing overcharges before they happen and giving the client all the information it needs to proactively manage the leasing activities.  

Vouching of Invoices CRS reviews and vouches all lease-related invoices for the portfolio. If the Client prefers, we will review only those bills sent from the Client. 

Pre-Audit of Leases A key function of the CRS Lease Administration process is to conduct Pre-Audits of leases and identify, report to the Client, and resolve errors and overbillings. Savings from these activities are passed on directly to the Client as part of CRS Lease Administration Services.

Transition Services For Clients that wish to take some or all of the Lease Administration Program back in-house at a later date, CRS will develop a transition program that can include ongoing support and LeaseBase™ systems maintenance.