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CRS takes a very active role in putting information technology to work for our Clients.

At the center of our services is LeaseBase™, the web-enabled online reporting platform we developed to support our Lease Administration and Lease Audit Services. This proprietary database provides a highly flexible and customizable reporting platform that is used by all professional staff in the performance of services.

LeaseBase™ organizes and manages all assignments, including reports and online Client updates. This Microsoft Access-based software has been specifically designed by CRS to support Lease Auditing and Lease Administration activities, incorporating specialized analysis and reporting functions.

CRS Online  provides anytime, secure access to your report information.

  • Portfolio Data
  • Guidelines and Procedures
  • Location Data
  • Project Planning Helps
  • Project Status
  • Standard Documents

Powered by LeaseBase™, CRS Online enables you to view, print, and share a broad range of reports and documents based upon your real estate portfolio. CRS Online allows us to share information and resources to save you time and improve the effectiveness of your occupancy cost control.

CRS Online provides 24/7 real-time and secure access to information improving the effectiveness of our Clients' occupancy cost control programs.

For our lease administration and audit Clients, LeaseBase™ is their online interface with CRS.

  • Status Reports
  • Portfolio Data
  • Location Data


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