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"Ensuring Lease Compliance to Reduce Occupancy Expenses for Commercial Tenants, Nationwide"

Additional rent provisions are complex agreements that are interpreted, for the most part, by the landlord. Relying solely on the landlords' calculations & interpretations risks exposure to significant rent overcharges. 

CRS works solely on behalf of commercial tenants to identify billing errors, recover rent overpayments and ensure that the landlords billing practices comply with the original lease terms.

Since 1990 CRS has performed thousands of successful lease audits for our clients. A comprehensive lease audit can significantly reduce occupancy expenses, increase profits and potentially recover thousands or sometimes millions of dollars in expense overcharges.

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Lease Auditing- A Proven Cost Savings Strategy

A CRS lease audit provides a complete review of every expense incurred by a tenant as part of their lease commitment. A well-executed lease audit program can eliminate unnecessary leasehold expenses and reveal a significant source of unidentified funds. Contact us today and learn how a CRS lease audit can benefit your firm.